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A Message from the Artist

I am passionate about life. Viewing the intricate ever-changing parts of creation: I find life has many vantage points. I like to reflect, pinder, and dream, being ever conscious of the creative moments in life that produce a touch to our senses. My paintings are intended to capture that touch in time. You know the times, a grandparent’s reflections, a child’s wonderment, the mountaintop hikes, quiet valley streams, the beauty & bewilderment of all that is around us. These moments are the pleasant smile makers the fill up the corners of our world. As a new emerging artist, family and friends have ignited my work; this is eternally precious to me. I hope to reflect in my art renditions the beauty of life unfolding. I am delighted to share my journey with you. May you receive the gift of wonderment, a smile, a nudge to your senses, as we unite somewhat, in a little touch of “Art”.


God Bless, Linda

About Linda

Linda was born in Vermont. Her father was a draftsman-muralist and was keen on sharing his skills as early as she was willing to hold a pencil. Although she discovered early on she could freehand copy almost any picture, she unfortunately separated from her artistic father around the age of ten and did not have the opportunity to pursue her gift. She moved to Alaska as a young girl with her parents to begin a new life adventure. Although always artistic in many avenues, Linda had not attempted to paint on canvas until approached by a close friend in fall of 2009. The discussion and inspiration came from the exhibitors at the Chandler Art Walk.


Well, she (I) did it! Put brush to canvas, and someone else liked it; the rest is history as they say. 


Self-taught, and new to the art world, Linda participated in her first art exhibition at the “MAC Fest”, Mesa Arts & Craft Festival, and also accepted into the Chandler Art Walk in 2011. 


She is excited and interested in helping individuals bring a little art and sparkle into their own lives now, more than ever, during these times we live in! Stay tuned, she has many exciting reveals on the way!

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